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Say goodbye to the overwhelming process of planning your most special day -- the best wedding videographers in San Jose capture every moment of your story, from "once upon a time" to "happily ever after"!

We will deliver a customized list of of options, including detailed costs, and why we think it’s a great choice given what you’re looking for.

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Confirm Your Timeline

We’ll create a storyboard for wedding video including angles for the wedding ceremony and plan for the “day of” to ensure that we don’t miss an opportunity to capture a memory.

Vendor Coordination

We’ll connect you with a top videographer and coordinate the delivery of your wedding visuals.

Enjoy Your Big Day

Our on-site team will ensure that the videographer gets the shots you desired during the planning stage.

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Be Realistic About Run Time

The 21st-century attention span has been shortened to mere minutes, if not seconds. So, consider zeroing in on the moments that tell the emotional story of your day: hands grasping, biting of the lower lip, the loss of breath before "you may now kiss the bride."

Coordinate Your Camera Crew

Videographers and photographers are used to working around each other -- cooperating so that they're not getting in each other's shots -- and you’ll only benefit from putting your photographer and videographer in contact as soon as possible.

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Video is Priceless

The average cost of a wedding videographer in the U.S. is around $1,700 with most couples spending between $1,000 to $2,500.

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FAQ about hiring Wedding Videographers in San Jose, CA

About booking Wedding Videographers

It's the end of your wedding day. As you look back and recall the day, you realize it was all a blur of friends, family, and good times. What about all the time you spent planning for that day, though? Wouldn't you rather relive it over and over instead of just having those blurry memories? Well, you can if you book a videographer! The videographer will be there for the whole day from the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids until the last guest leaves the reception. Book one of these fantastic videographers to capture your big day!

How much does Wedding Videography cost in California?

The average total cost of wedding videography typically costs between $1,200 and $1,500 nationwide, and includes a videographer who captures important, memorable, and emotional elements of the wedding day in order to create a professionally produced short highlight video.

What’s Usually Included in the Price of a Videographer?

A wedding videographer’s flat rate typically includes the videographer’s presence on your wedding day; footage of all of the important moments, including the wedding ceremony, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.; the post-production editing process; the equipment your videographer uses, which should be up-to-date and in good working order (drone footage is usually extra); and the final product, however you agree it will be delivered (DVD, USB, etc.).

Wedding Videography Package Costs

Many videographers sell their services in packages with tiered pricing, which allows the client to select the level of coverage desired and the desired final product. For example, videographer Gary Wilson in San Diego, California, offers two wedding day packages, a basic package and a premium package:

  • Basic Package: $1,400. This includes:

    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple
    • Two cameras with audio equipment
    • DVD including a 3- or 4-minute edit to a song of the couple’s choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw footage edit covering the entire event
    • Recordings of well wishes to the couple
  • Premium Package: $1,800. This includes:

    • Two videographers
    • Aerial videography
    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple
    • Two cameras with audio equipment
    • DVD including a 3- to 4-minute edit to a song of the couple’s choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw footage edit covering the entire event
    • Recordings of well wishes to the couple

What Affects the Cost of Wedding Videography?

Factors that affect the cost of a wedding videographer include their level of experience, the amount of time your videographer spends at the wedding, the number of videographers or assistants required, their travel expenses, the kind of final product you’d like to receive, and any extras you may want.

Videographer’s Reputation and Location

It may seem obvious, but a person with 10-20 years of videography experience is going to charge more than an entry-level videographer or someone who does it as a hobby. The less experienced videographer may not produce the same quality of work, but will be cheaper.

Areas with a higher cost of living also typically see higher costs for wedding videography services. In addition, highly requested videographers or those with celebrity credits often charge higher fees.

Amount of Time Videographer Is Present

The amount of time the videographer needs to be present on the wedding day will affect the final price. Most weddings require around six to ten hours of coverage; the more time your videographer films, the more it will cost, especially if you want footage of the rehearsal dinner or of the bridal party or groomsmen getting ready.

Number of Staff

You will typically have the option to add multiple cameras, which means there will be a “second shooter” who ensures wider coverage of your wedding and captures different angles. The videographer may also bring an assistant, who is there to do everything from carrying gear to setting up cameras. The more people involved in the production, the more it will cost.

Travel Expenses

If your videographer has to travel a long distance or stay overnight, you may be required to pay the costs of gas and/or a hotel.

    (Service options subject to availability. Offer may not be available in all states)

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