Including Social Media into your Wedding

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One of the more popular wedding trends in 2019 is social media. There are as many people looking for ways to incorporate social media in to their wedding as there are people writing “please no tweeting during the ceremony” on their wedding programs. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate social media in to your wedding, we’ve got some ideas, and some cautions. …

Jamaica Surprise! (via Instagram)

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When a birthday trip to Jamaica transforms into a proposal surprise!! ????❤???? Where would you love to have the BIG question popped? Congrats!! @_neofit & @byrdpoetry Follow @phillipsweddings or #phillipsweddings for more proposal surprise inspo

Unique Surprise Proposals (via Instagram)

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WOW!!! Imagine you’re getting ready to make a trip to the store and BAM, you find this in your trunk!!! ❤ We are short for words to describe this incredible proposal idea ???? ????TAG who you’d want to share this with …|????: @lafleur_flower Follow @phillipsweddings or #phillipsweddings on Instagram and Facebook for more #proposalplanning inspiration.